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Tortilla Baking Lessons 4
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DIY Tortilla recipes like a true Mexican and become the best chef!
The new tortilla baking lesson is here to show you how to master your cooking skills and create the most delicious tortilla based recipes. And because everyone loves the crispy, spicy platters of chicken tortillas, there is no time to waste! Grab your apron and start cooking the most delicious dinner for your friends or family, made with the most tender chicken and tangy sauce !

There are three fantastic recipes for when you have friends around and takes no time at all to put together, and everyone will love creating their own tortilla, depending on what they prefer:

Chicken Tortillas - quick and easy with so many flavors

Mexican Chicken Tortillas - the traditional Mexican recipe that adds more authentic flavors to it.

Mini Tortilla Taco - these delicious bite sized tacos are easy to fill, hold, and eat!

• Step-by-step instructions so fun for kids of all ages and even parents! 
• Each recipe features unique and delicious game play mechanics! 
• Bake your recipe online, and make it later at home! 
• Free App with simple touch control

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