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Ice Cream Baking Lessons 5
Ice Cream Baking Lessons 5

Are you an ice cream fan? If so, learn now how to cook amazingly addictive recipes with this new baking lesson.
Give everybody something to scream about with these delicious homemade ice cream flavors.

With all the savory cooking games that we have for you, it's simple to adapt your own style to each dish, and show off your new cooking skills! And if passion for cooking represents you, you will love to learn new recipes, including refreshing summer desserts. 

Ice Cream Baking Lessons is here to sweeten your summer days, beating the heat, and keeping your energy up, spoiling you with refreshing flavors like bits of tropical paradise. Try them out and see how easy it is to make summer dessert recipes with this amazing new baking lesson. 

• Coconut 
• Cookie Dough for Ice Cream
• Banana Split

• 3 of the world's best ice cream recipes
• lots of flavors and toppings to indulge in
• learn and improve your cooking and baking skills
• use kitchen appliances to make the recipes
• decorate with sugary treats for extra taste

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