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Cookies Baking Lessons 3
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Bake your own dessert snacks with this fun and amazing baking lesson for kids of all ages! Became a great chef right now, all you need is a little of your time, because ingredients practically mix altogether and bake all by themselves!

Chocolate Cherry
We have a special recipe for those of you who love to make desserts from scratch.
Some delicious chocolate chip cherry cookies extremely tasty, crunchy and a little gooey. They really are as good as they sound! And the hidden cherry will be a sweet surprise when you bite into these wonderful dessert snacks. Bake right now the best dessert ever!
But wait - there's more! We have another 2 awesome recipes!

Peanut Butter Cookies 
These hold a place of honor, along with chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin of course, because peanut butter is probably most people’s favorite flavor, it tastes and smells great and the texture is simply amazing. 
This recipe is quick and easy to prepare and will surely be a crowd pleaser among your family and friends.
It's great for kids that are just learning to bake, so grab everything you need from the kitchen and start baking!

Pepper Spiced Cookies 
This is something you probably don’t eat every day. Imagine the taste of different kinds of spices like chili, pepper, ginger and cinnamon combined with the sweet taste of chocolate … 
It’s an explosion of taste in your mouth that will provide a serious and surprising kick! I love the way the glaze looks on those beautiful cookies! They are simply explosive!!!

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